CUCET Mathematics

CUCET Mathematics

2022/12/21 at 6:26 AM

CUCET Mathematics

The main purpose of the CUET entrance test is to produce a platform furnishing fair openings to all applicants irrespective of their performance in the class 12 board examination. The National Testing Agency has successfully published the Mathematics syllabus for the CUET entrance examination. Scholars are needed to visit the sanctioned website of CUET for further details. The Mathematics syllabus is prepared in a comprehensive manner similar to that scholars can get clarity on the important motifs that bear further practice.

Campaigners who wish to appear for the CUET Mathematics examination have to duly understand and dissect the syllabus; else, they will face confusion latterly. 

CUET Mathematics Syllabus and test Pattern 

 The Mathematics syllabus is considered the heart of the medication strategy as without assaying the syllabus duly, scholars cannot prepare their study plan. Therefore enjoying good knowledge of the Mathematics syllabus is considered obligatory for all applicants. 

 The CUET Mathematics syllabus is divided into three sections Section A, Section B1, and Section B2. The motifs included in the syllabus have formerly been covered in the class 12 class. An overview of the syllabus is given below, and interested scholars are suggested to go through the syllabus precisely to get a clear idea. 

CUET Section a Syllabus 

  1. Algebra- The introductory idea of matrices, equivalency of matrices, symmetric and dispose of- symmetric matrix and chancing the transpose of a matrix, determinants, antipode of a matrix, and working contemporaneous equations are included under the algebra section. 
  2. Math-First and alternate-order derivations, excursions and norms, functions, maxes, and minima cover the math section. 
  3. Operations of Integrations- Indefinite integrals, definite integrals, and operation of both definite and indefinite integrals as the area under the wind. 
  4. Differential Equations- Degree and order of discrimination equations, formulating discrimination equations, and working them 
  5. Probability distribution- Random variables, the anticipated value of an arbitrary variable, estimating standard divagation and friction of an arbitrary variable, and binomial distribution are included under probability distribution. 
  6. Linear programming- an expression of a direct programming problem, a graphical system of results for two variables, relating the doable and infeasible regions, and chancing optimal results. 

CUET Section B1 Syllabus 

 Unit I Relations and Functions 

  1.  Relations and functions- Reflexive, transitive, symmetric, and parity relations, one-to-one mapping, compound functions, and double operations are included. 
  2.   Inverse trigonometric Functions- Chancing range, sphere, and top value, and constructing graphs of inverse functions are some of the motifs included in inverse trigonometric functions. 

Unit II Algebra 

 1. Matrices- Basic generalities of matrices, memorandum, order of operations, zero matrices, and the transpose of a matrix are covered in this chapter. The chapter also includes parcels of addition and addition of scalar matrices, on-commutativity of matrix addition, and row and column operations knowledge. 

 2. Determinants-Important parcels of determinants, estimating cofactors, and applying parcels of determinants in estimating an area of a triangle are included in the first section of the chapter. The alternate part of the chapter deals with the adjoin and antipode of a square matrix, checking for harmonious and inconsistent results to direct equations and using the inverse system for working direct equations further than two variables.

 Unit III math 

  1. Durability and Differentiability- The first many sections of the chapter include an outgrowth of compound functions, the outgrowth of inverse functions, the operation of the chain rule system, and changing the outgrowth of an implicit function. The ultimate sections of the chapter include exponential and logarithmic functions, logarithmic isolation, derivations of parametric functions, Rolle’s and Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem, and their operations.
  2. operation of derivations- The first part deals with motifs like estimating the rate of change of adding and dwindling functions, generalities about excursions and norms, and maxes and minima functions, including the first and alternate secondary tests. The ultimate part of this chapter includes some advanced-position problem totalities on excursions and norms. 
  3. Integrals- The integration system is considered the antipode of the isolation system. Integration by negotiation and corridor are the two different styles of integration that can be applied as per convenience. Primary parcels of definite integrals and their operations are also included in this chapter. 
  4. Operations of the Integrals- This chapter includes the operation of integrals in estimating the area of circles, spheres, and parabolas. 
  5. Differential Equations- The first part of the discrimination equations chapter deals with a simple description, degree, order of equations, and conformation of discrimination equations whose results are mentioned. The alternate part includes the separation of variables system, working homogeneous discrimination equations of the first order, and chancing results to direct discrimination equations. 

 Unit IV Vectors and 3- D figure 

  1. Vectors- Magnitude and direction of the vector, direction cosines of the vector, collinearity of vectors, position vector of a point, and addition and addition of a vector by a scalar are covered in the first section of the chapter. The coming section of the chapter includes fleck products of vectors, problem totalities on the protuberance of a vector on a straight line, cross products of vectors, and scalar triadic products. 
  2. 3- D figure- Three- dimensional figure includes estimating rates, chancing the shortest distance between any two lines, forming Cartesian and vector equations of a line, and estimating the angle between two lines, airplanes, and between a line and an airplane


Unit V Linear Programming 

 The first section of Linear programming includes optimization ways, formulating direct programming problems mathematically, and applying graphical styles for chancing results to equations with two variables. The alternate section includes relating the doable and infeasible results and chancing optimal results up to three non-trivial constraints. 

 Unit VI Probability 

 The first part of the chapter includes the addition theorem on probability, tentative probability theorem, and Bayes theorem. The alternate part of the chapter contains an arbitrary variable and its probability distribution, repeated independent trials, and binomial distribution. The third part of the chapter deals with problem totalities which bear knowledge of the first two corridors of the chapter.


Section B2 Syllabus 

 Unit I Quantification and their operations 

  1. Modulo Arithmetic 
  2. Congruence Modulo
  3. Mixture and allegation
  4. Numerical problem sums
  5. Boats and streams
  6. Pipes and cisterns 
  7. Races and games
  8. Partnership 
  9. Inequalities 

 Unit II Algebra 

  1. Matrices
  2. Transpose a matrix, symmetric and skew-symmetric matrix

 Unit III math 

  1. Higher-order derivatives
  2. Marginal Cost and Marginal revenue
  3. Maxima and minima 

 Unit IV Probability distributions 

  1. Probability distribution
  2. Mathematical distribution 
  3. Variance 

 Unit V indicator figures and time-grounded data 

  1. Index numbers
  2. Construction of index numbers
  3. Application of time-reversal test 

 Unit VI Probability 

  1. Population and sample 
  2. Parameter and statistics and statistical inferences 

 Unit VII Time series 

  1. Components of time series 
  2. Using time series analysis for univariate data 

Unit VIII Financial Mathematics 

  1.    Perpetuity, sinking funds
  2. Bond valuation methods
  3. Estimating EMI
  4. Calculating depreciation through a linear method

 Unit IX Linear programming 

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps to form linear programming problems
  3. Distinguishing between different types of linear programming problems
  4. Graphical method for finding solutions
  5. Shading feasible, bounded, and infeasible regions 


 Mathematics is considered the most delicate subject among all the other subjects as it requires a lot of practice. A seeker cannot come a master of mathematics until the seeker practices the motifs regularly. To exercise the problem totalities, the seeker needs to be apprehensive of the motifs written in the syllabus. The below section has handed a comprehensive overview of the syllabus and the test pattern. Interested scholars should precisely go through the syllabus and exercise the motifs regularly as a practice is considered the key to success.


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